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Immunotherapy and antigen presentation

The main focus of the group's research is leukemia and lymphoma. Our group is researching a new and improved method for the use of T-cells from healthy people to purposefully destroy cancer cells in patients without harming healthy cells.

There are currently a number of therapeutic antibodies approved for cancer treatment and the immunotherapy field is one of the fastest growing in oncology.

The antibodies normally bind expressed, non cancer-specific proteins. However, antibodies are limited by the fact that they can only recognize molecules on the cell surface, whereas the vast majority of proteins are located on the inside.

T-cells, on the other hand, are able to detect intracellular antigens and it is this property that can be used to treat cancer without harming other cells.
A major challenge in the use of donor T-cells from healthy individuals is that they can also recognize healthy cells in the patient and attack them. Our group is working to develop a technology that differentiates T-cells that could harm the patient from those which only attack cancer cells.

In addition to clinically oriented studies, the group also does basic research on dendritic cells that set off the immune response in the body.

The main objective of the group is to contribute to new and more effective immunotherapy against cancer, based on T-cells and their receptors (T cell receptors).



We are hosts for two postdoctoral positions within the Medical Faculty's COFUND program, Scientia Fellows. The program is funded by FP7 Marie Curie Actions.   
Interested candidates can get acquainted with eligibility criteria and application procedure here.

We always want to get in touch with highly motivated students and potential post-docs. If you are interested in doing research within our group please contact the group leader Johanna Olweus.

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Group leader

Johanna Olweus


  • Johanna Olweus
  • Shradda Kumari
  • Nadia Mensali
  • Cathrine Fallang Knetter
  • Erlend Strønen
  • Weiwen Yang
  • Anette Vefferstad
  • Eli Taraldsrud
  • Muhammad Ali
  • Mateusz Walczak
  • Fan Ying
  • Maxi-Lu Böschen
  • Terhi Kärpänen
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