Hans Prydz Guest Lecture by Hesso Farhan

Hesso Farhan is an Associate Professor at the Institute of Basic Medical Sciences in Oslo. His group is interested in investigating the link between signal transduction and the endomembrane system. The group uses a combination of classical molecular cell biology techniques, system biology and mathematical modeling to understand the spatial-temporal regulation of signaling pathways and its role in the orchestrating fundamental cellular processes such as secretion, cell migration, polarity, and growth.

The title of the talk is: Organization of Cellular Signaling in Time and Space: Relevance for Growth and Migration of Cancer Cells.

Hesso Farhan

 Hesso Farhan (Photo: private)


Signal transduction pathways orchestrate virtually every aspect of cellular homeostasis. Conventionally, signaling pathways were investigated mainly regarding their temporal dynamics. However, an increasing body of evidence indicates that signaling molecules are spatially organized on organelles within the cell. Whether the different subcellular pools of signaling molecules have different biologic functions remains poorly understood. I will show how we have exploited a combination of microscopic and proteomic techniques to characterize signaling by small GTPases and kinases that act locally on cellular organelles to regulate the growth and migration of cancer cells. Specifically targeting different subcellular pools of signaling molecules represents a challenge for future therapeutic strategies and will require further investigation of signaling not only in time, but also in space.

Published Oct. 25, 2016 3:31 PM