Administrative staff

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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Eshrat Babaie Babaie, Eshrat Senior Engineer +47-22840544 DNA synthesis, RNA synthesis, FPLC, Biacore
Picture of Berit Johanne H Barkley Barkley, Berit Johanne H Higher Executive Officer +47-22840549 Events, Disputation, Cristin, Web publishing, Travel, Invoices
Berg, Paul Ragnar Head Engineer +47-22844130 Laboratory work
Picture of Elisa Bjørgo Bjørgo, Elisa Head of Office +47-22840608 Finance, Appointments, Human resources administration, Management support, HR administration, Research support, Strategy, Molecular biology, Life science
Picture of Liv E Alver Bjørland Bjørland, Liv E Alver Senior Engineer +47-22840527 Health, safety and environment, Building matters, Laboratory management
Picture of Ola Rumohr Blingsmo Blingsmo, Ola Rumohr Senior Engineer +47-22840536 Peptide synthesis, Amino acid analysis
Picture of Gang Cheng Cheng, Gang Head Engineer +47-22840578 IT services, Server- og driftstjenester
Darby, Annabel Adviser +47-22840941 Communication, Internal communication, Events, Press contact, Strategic Communication, Web publishing
Picture of Marianne Enger Enger, Marianne Head Engineer +47-22840554 Laboratory operation
Picture of Siv Gilfillan Gilfillan, Siv Head Engineer +47-22840766 Laboratory work
Høgseth, Siri Head of Office +47-22840522 Human resources administration, Finance, Web publishing
Picture of Ingrid Kjelsvik Kjelsvik, Ingrid Head of Office (on leave) Management, Financial management, Health, safety and enviromment
Picture of Rønnaug Steen Kolve Kolve, Rønnaug Steen Principal Engineer +47-22840542 +47-94889558 Laboratory operation
Picture of Mette Kvernland Kvernland, Mette Adviser +47-22840504 Financial managment, budget, reporting, extramural funding
Picture of Georgios Vasilei Magklaras Magklaras, Georgios Vasilei Senior Engineer +47-22840535 IT management, IT services, Scientific/Life Science computing, bioinformatics, Scientific Computing, High Performance Computing
Picture of Nina Modahl Modahl, Nina Adviser +47-22840680 Human resources administration
Picture of Mari Nyquist-Andersen Nyquist-Andersen, Mari Head Engineer +47-22845667 Laboratory operation, Purchasing
Picture of Kirsti Elisabeth Præsteng Præsteng, Kirsti Elisabeth Principal Engineer +47-22845866 Laboratory work
Picture of Carlos Romeo Rodriguez Rodriguez, Carlos Romeo Higher Executive Officer +47-22840500 +47-95205142 Reception, Invoices, Reimbursements, Oracle, Basware, Purchasing, Certificates, Mail room, Mail and postage, Signs and directions, UiO-noark, Cristin, ePhorte, Voucher
Picture of Martine Schrøder Schrøder, Martine Principal Engineer +47-22840553 Laboratory work
Picture of Anita Elisabeth Skolem Skolem, Anita Elisabeth Adviser +47-22840653 Finance, Budget, Accounts, Reporting, Project management, Purchasing
Picture of Eirin Solberg Solberg, Eirin Principal Engineer +47-22840513 Laboratory work
Sredic, Bojana Principal Engineer +47-22840559 Laboratory work, Metal homeostasis, Drug development, Drug discovery, Infectious diseases
Picture of Melaku Tadesse Tadesse, Melaku Head Engineer +47-22840537 +47-46611203 IT services, User administration, Local IT support
Picture of Gladys Marie Tjørhom Tjørhom, Gladys Marie Head Engineer +47-22840556 Cell signalling, Laboratory operation