Persons tagged with «Artificial Intelligence»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Andreassen, Børge Solli Stipendiat Machine learning, Deep learning, Medical Imaging, Cardiac ultrasound, Artificial intelligence
Austeng, Andreas Professor +47-22852741 ultrasound, sonar, beamforming, signal processing, artificial intelligence, deep learning, machine learning
Bentzen, Heidi Beate Researcher +47 22850086 Biotechnology law, privacy, data protection law, health law, bioethics, life science, personalized medicine, precision medicine, artificial intelligence
Bjørk, Mai Britt Doctoral Research Fellow +47 46844005 (mob) 46 84 40 05 Forensic odontology, age estimaton, MRI, Artificial Intelligence
Dimitrakakis, Christos Professor reinforcement learning, machine learning, differential privacy, fairness, decision making under uncertainty, artificial intelligence, adversarial machine learning, Bayesian inference, autonomous vehicles, recommendation systems
Elle, Ole Jakob Professor II +47 91171790 (mob) Artificial intelligence, Evolution, Robotics, Reconfigurable hardware, Adaptable systems
Ellefsen, Kai Olav Førsteamanuensis Artificial intelligence, Evolutionary Computing, neural networks, self-adaptive software systems, deep learning, Artificial Life, reinforcement learning
Glette, Kyrre Associate Professor +47 228 41695 Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Evolutionary Computing, Evolvable Hardware, Biologically-inspired Computing, Embedded Systems, Machine Learning
Gundersen, Torbjørn Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22855760 +47 98646054 (mob) Expertise, artificial intelligence, Climate Science
Helmy, Maged Industrial Ph.D. Candidate - Department of Informatics +47 918 65 680 (mob) Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Artificial intelligence, Programming, computer vision, convolutional networks, pattern recognition, Image analysis, Image Segmentation
Hovden, Ivar Thokle +4790857292 Engineering cybernetics, Medical Imaging, magnetic resonance imaging, Machine Learning, Artificial intelligence, neural networks, Neuroinformatics, Control systems
Høvin, Mats Erling Associate Professor +47 22840823 Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Adaptable Systems, Biology-inspired Computing, Evolutionary Computing, Evolvable Hardware
Jahren, Tollef Struksnes Forsker Machine learning, Deep learning, Medical Imaging, Cardiac ultrasound, Artificial intelligence
Karbasi, Seyed Mojtaba Doctoral Research Fellow +47 452 32 489 Robotics, Rhythmic Movements, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Motor Control
Kleppe, Andreas Associate Professor Texture analysis, Image analysis, Pattern recognition, Machine learning, Artificial intelligence, Deep learning, Medical applications
Lartillot, Olivier Researcher +47 966 81 210‬ Computational music analysis, Sound analysis, Artificial intelligence, Computational musicology, Music Information Retrieval
Meng, Li Doctoral Research Fellow Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, Deep learning, Reinforcement learning, Computer vision, Robotics
Mohammadi, Sara Stipendiat Cybersecurity, energy informatics, energy markets, Machine Learning, Artificial intelligence
Olsen, Lars Henry Berge Doctoral Research Fellow +47 91754599 (mob) Statistics, data science, Artificial intelligence
Samset, Eigil Professor II Artificial intelligence, deep learning, Machine Learning
Simionato, Riccardo Stipendiat Sound Synthesis, Sound and Music Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Audio Signal Processing, Digital Signal Processing, Audio Modelling, Music Technology, Computer Music, Deep Learning
Skogstrøm, Roar Lecturer Artificial intelligence, Reconfigurable hardware, Robotics, Evolution, Adaptable systems
Tørresen, Jim Professor +47 22852454 +47 92846669 (mob) Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Adaptable Systems, Reconfigurable hardware, Biology-inspired Computing, Evolutionary Computing, Evolvable Hardware
Velldal, Erik Professor +47 22840119 Machine Learning, NLP, computational linguistics, AI, artificial intelligence, Natural Language Processing, language technology, language engineering
Warakagoda, Narada Dilp Associate Professor +47 48020811 (mob) Artificial intelligence, autonomous systems, computer vision, Robotics, Machine Learning, deep learning
Zhou, Yanlai Hydrology, Reservoir operation, Artificial intelligence