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The Research Group is conducting large randomized trials and observation studies to test and compare diagnostic and therapeutic clinical interventions in different areas of clinical medicine. The overarching goal is to find out what works and what does not. More than 300,000 patients are currently enrolled in studies run by the group.

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We focus on care and support issues related to the elderly. The research group strives for excellence in research and research education and training at the local, national, Nordic, and international levels.

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Research in health economics and policy generally has close links to current issues in politics.

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Economic evaluation involves methods to assess the cost-effectiveness of treatments, procedures, diagnostics, screening practices, healthcare delivery routes and technologies in a broad sense.

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Our major research area reflects the single most frquent health care intervention and the most common clinical decicion made in general practice, namely prescribing of medications. Our aim is to identify medical needs in this field and to addresses GP's prescription practice in various ways in order to improve the quality of care.

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SHEP delivers critical and reflexive knowledge of how society, health and power are interconnected, and has an impact on how health and illness might be understood in a social, cultural and historical context. SHEP creates a bridge between disciplines and fields of research.

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The EPoS-project is addressing one of the most important challenges in the prevention of colorectal cancer; the surveillance of patients that have had colorectal polyps removed (polypectomy). The study is conducted by leading researchers within gastroenterology, epidemiology and biostatistics from Europe and the United States.

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Risk of colorectal cancer in inflammatory bowel disease

– a multinational cohort study.

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NordICC is a multicentre, randomised trial in Nordic countries, the Netherlands and Poland. NordICC is the first randomised trial investigating the effect of colonoscopy on Colorectal cancer incidence and mortality.

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NordFOOD is a Nordic cross-sectoral network consisting of Universities, University Colleges, research centres, hospitals and industrial partners. NordFOOD is a platform for training and possible scientific collaborations.

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The aim of RiNS is to develop a comprehensive understanding of practical skills in nursing and how these skills are learned.

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The research group generates knowledge about factors and mechanisms contributing to development of chronic, painful conditions within the musculoskeletal system  - and effective treatment and rehabilitation strategies, which can reduce malfunction and promote participation and work

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The goal of this research group is to generate knowledge of the mechanisms and consequences of trauma, patient care, trends and challenges in treatment and rehabilitation, including the patient's healthcare needs, with the main focus being on multiple trauma, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) and spontaneous subarachnoid hemorrhage.

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This project aims at investigating the molecular mechanisms involved in the development of delirium, or “acute confusion”, and dementia, and the link between these two conditions.

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The group has a broad approach to dementia research.

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The group works on different projects related to or derived from gastrointestinal endoscopy.

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