Persons tagged with «comparative politics»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Allern, Elin Haugsgjerd Professor +47 22858198 +47 95216110 (mob) Comparative Politics, Democracy, Political parties, Interest groups
Bakke, Elisabeth Associate Professor +47 22856643 +47 92234654 (mob) Comparative Politics, European studies, Parties, Elites, Nationalism, Visegrád, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Central Europe
Bølstad, Jørgen Associate Professor +47 22858818 +47 97167242 (mob) +47 97167242 Comparative Politics, Democracy, Political Psychology, Electoral Behavior, Public Opinion, Bayesian Statistics, Quantitative Methods, Causal Inference
Djuve, Vilde Lunnan Researcher +47 48055639 (mob) Autocracy, regime breakdown, democratization, comparative politics, causes of breakdown, Quantitative methods
Haass, Felix Postdoctoral Fellow +49177527629 (mob) Democracy, Comparative Politics, Conflict
Hermansen, Silje Synnøve Lyder Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22856159 +47-40499107 (mob) Comparative Politics, Judicial Politics, Quantitative Methods, European Parliament, Court of Justice of the European Union
Hillesund, Solveig Postdoctoral Fellow +47 90152562 (mob) Comparative Politics, Civil war, Nonviolent conflict, Inequality, Quantitative methods
Høyland, Bjørn Professor Comparative politics, Methodology, EU, Legislative politics
Jensenius, Francesca Refsum Professor +47 22842060 +47 91573512 (mob) Comparative Politics, Political Economy, Inequality, Elections, India, Latin America, Research Methods
Jupskås, Anders Ravik Deputy Director +47-22857642 Comparative Politics, Right-wing Extremism, Populism, Elections, Political Parties
Ketchley, Neil Frith Professor +47 22844351 +44774202164 (mob) Comparative Politics, Social Movements, Collective Protest, Middle East, Political Sociology
Knutsen, Carl Henrik Professor +47 22854244 +47 90955708 (mob) Comparative Politics, Democracy, democratization, Dictatorship, Economic growth and development
Krause, Jana Associate Professor +3162722946 (mob) Comparative Politics, International relations, Conflict, Conflict Resolution, Gender
Langsæther, Peter Egge Postdoctoral Fellow +47 97011579 (mob) Comparative Politics, Political Behaviour, Elections, Cleavages, Methodology, Statistics
Lutscher, Philipp Postdoctoral Fellow +49176317107 (mob) Comparative Politics, Dictatorship, Technology
Nemcok, Miroslav Postdoctoral Fellow +3725300081 (mob) Comparative Politics, Electoral Behavior, Electoral systems, Public Opinion, Central Europe
Nyrup, Jacob Postdoctoral Fellow +4551342188 Democracy, Comparative Politics, Conflict
Pavone, Tommaso Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22859469 +124849 (mob) comparative politics, CJEU, performance, legitimacy, litigation, comparative law
Povitkina, Maryna Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22841114 +46767785720 (mob) Comparative Politics, Environment, Democracy, Corruption, Climate Politics
Rasmussen, Magnus Bergli Postdoctoral Fellow +47 99517477 (mob) Comparative Politics, Welfare State, Working Time, Trade Unions, Redistribution, Electoral Systems, Party Organization, International Organizations, ILO, Redistribution, Inequality
Semb, Anne Julie Dean +47 22856125 International Politics, Political theory, Comparative politics, Conflict, State sovereignty, Minorities, Human rights, Citizenship
Strand, Håvard Associate Professor +47 22855198 +47 99628371 (mob) Democracy, development studies, Global South, Elections, Comparative Politics, USA
Søyland, Martin Researcher Methodology, Comparative Politics, Parliamentarism, Statistics
Törnquist, Olle Professor +47 22855328 +4652331720 (mob) Global South, India, Comparative Politics, Development Research, Democratisation, South and Southeast Asia