Our publication in PLOS ONE is out!

Today our paper "c-Myb Binding Sites in Haematopoietic Chromatin Landscapes" by Mads Bengtsen, Kjetil Klepper, Sveinung Gundersen, Ignacio Cuervo, Finn Drabløs, Eivind Hovig, Geir Kjetil Sandve, Odd Stokke Gabrielsen and  Ragnhild Eskeland, was published in PLOS ONE.  

Here is a description of the workflow for identification of c-Myb footprints, and an illustration from Motiflab showing an identified c-Myb footprint in the coding region of gene FKBP5.

c-Myb is essential in adult haematopoiesis. Increased expression and aberrations of this powerful transcription factor is linked to different human cancers. Here we have used bioinformatics and available DNAse I datasets to predict the binding sites of c-Myb in different haematopoietic cell-types. To biologically validate the mapped c-Myb footprints we have used different methods such as knockdown data, reporter assays and DamID. Our data showed that predicted c-Myb footprints are highly dependent on the cell-type, but that there are a subset of gene targets that are common to all cell-types. This is a successful collaboration across two disciplines: Molecular Biology and Informatics. We would like to congratulate and thank all the co-authors for the hard work and time spent to produce this publication. We also thank UIO for the Open Access fund.

Published Jan. 17, 2019 2:28 PM - Last modified Mar. 6, 2020 10:21 AM