We thank Nansenfondet og de dermed forbundne fond for research funding

We are pleased to receive funding from Nansenfondet og det dermed forbundne fond, April 2016. We received money for the project " Drugs in pregnancy – epigenetic outcomes of exposure in human embryonic stem cells" which is part of the Strategic Research Environment PharmaTox.


Portrait of Fridtjov Nansen (1861-1930). Photo from http://www.nansenfondet.no/virksomhet.html

Nansenfondet is a Norwegian research fund established in 1897 after the return of the Fram Expedition lead by the explorer Fridtjov Nansen. Nansen was also a scientist, diplomat, humanitarian and Nobel-prize laureate. Nansenfondet og det dermed forbundne fond (A/S Norsk Varekrigsforsikrings Fond, Norsk Hydros Fond til Vitenskapelig Forskning, Michael Width Endresens Fond For Sunnmør Næringsliv, Statoils Forskningsfond, Osebergfondet and Gabriel Gustafsons Minnefond for vern av fornminner) promotes science with funding for research and publications.

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