Congratulations Summerstudents

Congratulation to master students Tasmia Jinnurine, Aruna Abraham Mohamed Abdelhalim and Hallvard A. Wæhler for completion of their summerprojects at UiO LifeScience.

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Tasmia Jinnurine, Aruna Abraham, Mohamed Abdelhalim and Hallvard A. Wæhler at the summer student symposium. Photo: Private

Our master students has spent their summer working on different projects with Anthony Matelier (NCMM), Roza B. Lemma (NCMM), Thomas Fleicher (OUS), Naima Azouzi (UiO), Marit Ledsaak (UiO), Xavier Tekpli (OUS) and Marieke Kuijjer (NCMM). We thank all the supervisors for their enthusiasm and patience. It has been a fantastic experience for them to learn and grow.

We also congratulate Hallvard A. Wæhler for receiving the poster prize for his poster: "Investigating the gene regulatory networks in osteosarcoma".

Published Oct. 21, 2019 12:51 PM - Last modified Mar. 6, 2020 10:21 AM