HUMAN NATURE Film and Debate

The film HUMAN NATURE by Adam Bolt gives insight into the discovery of the CRISPR-technology and how it can be used in human medicine and research.

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Human Nature is a documentary from wondercollaborative.

We hereby invite you to watch the documentary HUMAN NATURE followed by a debate at VEGA scene in Oslo city, 21st of November 2019 at 18.00-21.00.

This event is co-organised by UiO:Institutt for Biovitenskap, UiO:Institutt for Medisinske Basalfag, University of Oslo Library, Bioteknologirådet and Bergen Film Festival.


HUMAN NATURE, directed by Adam Bolt, is a very well-made film tailored for the public about the discovery of the CRISPR-Cas9 and the implications of this technology for human health and basic research. The film is in English and the panel debate including panelists Prof. and geneticist Vessela Kristensen, Red Cross adviser Synne Lerho, Ass. Prof. and Philosoph Ole M. Moen, Ass. Prof and molecular biologist Ragnhild Eskeland, will be in Norwegian. Bioteknlogirådet will lead the debate.


Sign up for free tickets, and remember that you have to go to VEGA scene to pick up your ticket on November 21st. Seats will fill up soon.


For more information and sign up, please vist Oslo University Library.


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