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Coronavirus outbreak information

Specific information for the Faculty of Medicine about the coronavirus outbreak. The university's buildings will now open gradually. See information from the central administration at University of Oslo.  Updated Wednesday 13 May 2020 at 12 am.

For students and staff at MED

Corona: Emergency news

  • ivar-gladhaug-303 Dear students and colleagues May 15, 2020

    The medical faculty will now gradually reopen for physical presence.

  • ivar-gladhaug-303 Dear students and colleagues Apr. 30, 2020

    All the excellent work with digitalizing our study programmes has continued after Easter. We are now entering the exam period, and many of our exams cannot be organized in the usual way.

  • dean-og-prodeans To all our academic staff with teaching tasks Apr. 8, 2020

    Answer our survey about the transformation to digital teaching. Deadline for responding is 16 April.

  • ivar-gladhaug Dear all students and colleagues Apr. 6, 2020

    This year the preparation for the Easter holidays turned out to be very different from what we could have expected a few weeks ago. Over a very short period of time, the faculty and all its students and staff have been forced to adapt to a new reality. Taken together, it is fair to say that we have managed to cope with all challenges very well.

People in the lab

Do you have lab technical expertise? 

The testing capacity for coronavirus in the laboratories in South-East Health Authority must be strengthened. You can help.