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Coronavirus outbreak information

Specific information for the Faculty of Medicine about the coronavirus outbreak.  Please refer to UiO's page for general information

Corona: Emergency news

  • colourbox44871645 The Faculty's technical and administrative employees June 25, 2020

    The Faculty’s management are awarding all our technical and administrative employees with a digitalis purpurea for their outstanding work during the coronavirus pandemic this spring.

  • colourbox37152227 The Faculty's researchers and teachers June 25, 2020

    The Faculty’s management would like to award a digitalis purpurea to the Faculty’s researchers and teachers for their skilful and effective handling of our new teaching situation, as well as for conducting research and writing applications to the best of their abilities during completely different conditions to normal.

  • ivar-gladhaug Dear students and colleagues June 22, 2020

    An unusual and challenging semester is coming to an end. Both teaching and exams have been organized successfully, thanks to great flexibility and efforts from both students and staff.

  • ivar-gladhaug-303 Dear students and colleagues May 15, 2020

    The medical faculty will now gradually reopen for physical presence.

People in the lab

Do you have lab technical expertise? 

The testing capacity for coronavirus in the laboratories in South-East Health Authority must be strengthened. You can help.