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Information about research activities during the pandemic

The faculty's guidelines for research during the corona pandemic. Updated 25th March, 2021.

The faculty follows UiO's infection control guide.

Principles for access to UiO's buildings

It is extremely important to maintain functions, materials and property that ensure the care of irreplaceable research material. Some employees must be present to avert danger to life and health or prevent property, equipment, materials, etc. from being destroyed or lost.

Criteria for assessing access to premises and infrastructure

The main rule is that all employees and students work from home. Separate criteria apply to still gain access to UiO's premises.


  • Access to facilities, laboratory and other research infrastructure necessary to carry out important research work.
  • Employees who are prohibited in performing their research work on the basis that work from home is not possible due to health or due to important social reasons.
  • Access to archives or other collections.
  • Delivery or shipment of important research material.
  • It is important to make sure that PhD students, postdoctoral fellows and temporary researchers are not significantly hindered in their research careers.

Technical / administrative support staff

Technical / administrative staff may be present:

  • to assist important research.
  • if they are hindered in their work on the basis that work from home is not possible due to health or due to important social reasons.

Master's students and medical student's research programme (Forskerlinjen) (Updated 25th March, 2021)

Master's students and medical student's research programme students who need access to laboratories in order not to be delayed in their education may be granted access to the university's buildings by agreement with the supervisor and unit leader.

Premises for presence

  • The faculty level, in consultation with the department level / corresponding levels (management line) must make a specific assessment after a risk analysis of which employees and students will have access to UiO's premises.
  • The implementation takes place within strict infection control measures. Everyone must keep a minimum distance of 2 meters at all times and comply with the National Institute of Public Health's measures to limit the risk of infection.
  • Existing HSE protection measures also apply in this situation, including not being alone in the laboratory.
  • All attendance must be agreed upon with immediate manager/supervisor, who in turn must apply for approval of such attendance in the management line.

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