Lars Engebretsen awarded the Nordic Prize in Medicine 2015

Professor Lars Engebretsen has been awarded the Nordic Prize in Medicine 2015. The prize is SEK 1 million and is awarded by the Ulf Nilsonnes Foundation in partnership with Folksam.

Lars Engebretsen

Professor Lars Engebretsen. Photo: UiO

Lars Engebretsen shares the prize with Roald Bahr, Oslo University Hospital, for their fundamental studies of common sports injuries such as knee ligaments and head injuries.

Injury mechanisms and prevention

The jury says:

‘Engebretsen and Bahr have identified key biomechanical injury mechanisms. Through their research, they have developed effective methods for prevention, so that fewer athletes sustain this type of injury.’

Engebretsen is a professor at UiO and NIH, chief physician at Oslo University Hospital, and head of research at Olympiatoppen. He is also responsible for medical research at IOC. Earlier this year, Engebretsen was inducted into the American Orthopedic Society of Sports Medicines’ Hall of Fame.

The other prize winners this year are Jon Karlsson at the University of Gothenburg and Michael Kjær at the University of Copenhagen. Karlsson received the prize for his research on ligament injuries, while Kjær gets the award for his translational research on physical activity.

Recognition of a strong community

Professor Lars Engebretsen comments as follows:

‘First and foremost, this is recognition from a very strong community within Norwegian sports medicine, namely the Oslo Sports Trauma Research Center. Since 2000, we have been building up a community for researchers from both Norway and abroad, and the community has gradually achieved international recognition.’

Engebretsen believes the prize is significant for future allocations of funds, and that it will strengthen his research community.

‘The prize money is likely to be invested in the research community,’ says Engebretsen.

International pioneer

Ivar Prydz Gladhaug, head of the Institute of Clinical Medicine, states with pride:

‘We are extremely pleased about this great recognition of Lars Engebretsen's longstanding research and major scientific contribution within the field of sports medicine, and particularly knee injuries. He has been an international pioneer both in the study of injury mechanisms and the treatment of these.’

In addition to his scientific and clinical activity, he is also a good communicator of knowledge on sports medicine both to active athletes and the public in general.

‘He has thus also contributed to preventing sports injuries in the population,’ says Prydz Gladhaug.

One of the Nordic region’s large prizes in medicine

The Nordic Prize in Medicine is awarded by the Foundation for the Nordic Prize in Medicine in partnership with the insurance company Folksam. The award is handed out every year to one or more researchers for outstanding scientific achievements and is one of the most prestigious prizes in medicine in the Nordic region.

Previous winners at UiO

Professor Ola Didrik Saugstad (2012) and Professor Anne-Lise Børresen-Dale (2002) are previous winners at the faculty.

By Thomas Olafsen
Published June 20, 2016 3:14 PM - Last modified Mar. 19, 2019 1:41 PM