Harald Stenmark awarded the Møbius Prize 2015

Professor Harald Stenmark has been awarded the Research Council of Norway’s award for outstanding research, the Møbius Prize 2015. Stenmark gets the award for important findings in research on cancer development.

Photo of Harald Stenmark

Professor Harald A. Stenmark has been awarded the Møbius Prize 2015. Photo: Terje Heiestad.

Harald Stenmark and his research group conduct research on understanding the molecular processes that counteract cancer development. The most important contributions that the group has made relate to the cell's membrane systems and how these help to prevent the development of cancer.

In its explanation for awarding the prize, the jury refers to Stenmark’s position as a world leader within a competitive field of research, and his ability to create a good research community. He is described as a ‘community builder’ that nurtures young talent and supports the development of their career. 

Recognition of basal cytology

‘This is welcome recognition of the basal cellular biology cancer research that I have worked on with my distinguished colleagues,’ says Stenmark.

He also mentions the importance of long-term funding:

‘The top research programme and the Research Council of Norway’s Norwegian Centre of Excellence scheme have been instrumental in being able to pursue ambitious projects for my research group,’ he says.

Considerable contribution

‘The prize is very well deserved in light of Stenmark’s longstanding and significant scientific contributions to understanding the fundamental mechanisms that allow normal cells to develop into cancer cells,’ says Dean Frode Vartdal.

He adds:

‘Besides being a world-leading researcher, Harald Stenmark is an outstanding, generous research leader who is committed to letting young researchers develop and flourish. Stenmark is deservedly admired and respected at home and abroad.’

Head of Klinmed, Ivar P. Gladhaug, also refers to Stenmark’s focus on young research talent:

‘He has a special and unique ability to involve young, talented researchers, and help the next generation to develop into independent researchers,’ says Gladhaug.

‘We are very glad to see that Stenmark is now receiving this award from the Research Council of Norway. He is a shining example of how a concentrated effort over a long period can lead to comprehensive and important results.’

About the prize

The Research Council of Norway’s Award for Outstanding Research, the Møbius Prize, is awarded annually to a person or a research community that has maintained a high academic standard both nationally and internationally. The prize is awarded on the basis of documented results following a public announcement. It covers all subjects and disciplines.

Prize-winners are awarded NOK 1 million and the bronze Møbius statuette.

By Guro Flinterud
Published June 20, 2016 3:58 PM - Last modified May 2, 2019 3:41 PM