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Award for Innovation in Bachelor and Master Education

Christine Henriksen and Hilde K. Brekke share the award for innovation in bachelor and master education for their innovative work in developing the study programme at the recently established Centre for Clinical Nutrition.

The Faculty has given the award for innovation in bachelor and master education to Associate Professor Christine Henriksen and Associate Professor Hilde K. Brekke at the Institute of Basic Medical Sciences.

The award committee’s statement highlights:

Christine Henriksen
Christine Henriksen, Photo, UiO
Hilde K. Brekke
Hilde K. Brekke, Photo, UiO
  • Co-location of the skills centre with the nutritional outpatient clinic provides unique opportunities for practical patient contact, and Henriksen and Brekke have used these opportunities to good effect.
  • Their efforts have been crucial for the strengthening of the skills-related training of clinical nutritionists.
  • The renewal of the clinical training components have had and will continue to have great significance for the enhancement of the quality of the master’s programme in clinical nutrition, as well as for the interdisciplinary training courses for students of medicine, dentistry and nutrition in Module 2. In other words, their work in teaching has had an impact on the development of inter-professional learning.

The committee also highlights their long-standing innovative efforts in the use of technology to promote student learning.

In 2013, the department started the development of e-learning courses, with a special emphasis on communication skills. The courses were developed in collaboration with the Faculty’s expert community in behavioural medicine and patient communication.

The e-learning resource on communication for clinical nutritionists has been posted on the university’s website and has become an innovative learning resource which is shared with others.

By Christina Heesch
Published Nov. 16, 2016 5:09 PM - Last modified Mar. 15, 2019 10:13 AM