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Core facilities in one place

Do you have some advanced experiments that you dream of conducting? Or do you wish you had an overview of laboratories that can help you with your research? In that case, we can recommend that you visit our new core facilities web pages.

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Researchers occasionally have a need for advanced technology and instrumentation that they do not possess. It is therefore good to know that the Faculty has core facilities that can help with this.

Everything in one place

Many of the core facilities are operated in collaboration with other research communities, and until now, their web pages have been dispersed. To make the search easier, we now present everything in one place. On the brand new core facilities web page you can find all the facilities in which the Faculty is involved, including information on the services the facilities offer, where they are located and who you should contact.

Sophisticated equipment

A core facility is a well-equipped specialist laboratory serving researchers, both within and outside the facility’s own communities. The facility’s services are to be made generally available, either by granting access to other researchers or through the facility’s own researchers performing analyses on their behalf.

The decision to gather all the core facilities web pages in one place was taken by the Faculty management in 2015. The various departments have been involved in proposing communities with core facility potential, and the result is 18 core facilities that are now assembled in one shared area of the website.

The core facilities are continuously assessed. You can read more about what is required of a core facility in this document: Establishment of an academic council for core facilities (pdf) (in Norwegian). UiO and OUS share common criteria.


Now that the new pages are in place, you can simply plunge into the magical world of advanced technology. We hope that you will have an interesting journey that can give your research a boost. If not today, then perhaps tomorrow?

By Elin Lunde
Published Sep. 29, 2016 4:04 PM - Last modified Mar. 15, 2019 10:16 AM