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Seven researchers receive support for FRIPRO projects

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Christmas is approaching, and the time has come for the Research Council of Norway to announce grant allocations within the FRIPRO scheme.

This year, seven researchers at the Faculty have been granted funding. Our congratulations!

Young talents and seasoned researchers

The funding scheme for independent projects includes a number of application types, serving various purposes and targeting different applicants. We have been granted funding for the application types of Researcher Project and Young Research Talents.

Three experienced researchers were granted Researcher Project funding, and another four young talents also received funds. The RCN will send out letters to the grant receivers over the coming weeks.

Interviews with young talents 

This year for the first time interviews were held with the best qualified applicants in the category ‘Young Research Talents’. 

‘Our expert committees are looking for research talents who are academically independent and have the ability to lead their own research groups. The interviews provide the committees with an even better basis on which to select the best applicants.’
Anders Hanneborg, Executive Director, the Research Council of Norway 

The Faculty is very pleased that four of our researchers were able to pass through this needle’s eye.

This year’s grants

The funding scheme for independent projects is divided into three areas: medicine, health sciences and biology (FRIMEDBIO), mathematics, natural sciences and technology (FRINATEK) and humanities and social sciences (FRIHUMSAM).

In total, close to NOK 1 billion has been disbursed, and the RCN has thereby granted 10% of the total amount applied for. The academic committee for medicine, health sciences and biology (FRIMEDBIO) has granted NOK 428 million to 53 projects.

The projects that have been granted funding will commence in 2017. Each of them has a budget ranging from NOK 3 million to NOK 10 million and a project period of three to four years.

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By Elin Lunde
Published Dec. 16, 2016 1:23 PM - Last modified Dec. 19, 2016 11:17 PM