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Award for quality and innovation in medicine

This year’s award for quality and innovation in the professional programme of study in medicine goes to Jonn Terje Geitung for his innovative form of teaching in several subject areas.

Jonn Terje Geitung holding diploma and flowers, flanked by Ingrid Os

Pro-dean Ingrid Os presenting the award for quality and innovation in the professional study in medicine to adjunct professor Jonn Terje Geitung at Akershus University Hospital. Photo: Øystein Horgmo, UiO

In its statement, the jury said:

Jonn Terje Geitung, adjunct professor at the Division of Medicine and Laboratory Sciences (AHUSKIL), teaches imaging diagnostics to medical students and is the academic supervisor for ultrasound teaching at the Faculty of Medicine. He has been a driving force in the establishment of ultrasound teaching in close collaboration with others, in terms of both academic content and organisation.

The ultrasound teaching takes place in small groups with top-class equipment, providing practical and realistic teaching that helps improve the students’ understanding of anatomy, physiology and other clinical subjects. The Faculty of Medicine at the University of Oslo is the only institute offering this kind of systematically integrated ultrasound teaching throughout the entire programme of study and in multiple subject areas. This is unique in medical education, not only in Norway, but also internationally.

The prize winner has also headed the training of around 15 student instructors, who work as assistant teachers in the ultrasound teaching. The training materials have been prepared in close collaboration with others and include an e-learning programme, enabling "blended learning".

Jonn Terje Geitung is a dedicated and inspiring teacher who has raised the quality in his own subject area, and who, together with other university teachers and student instructors, has introduced new and innovative teaching in a variety of subject areas in medicine. The feedback from other teachers and medical students is that they want more of this kind of teaching.

The Faculty’s awards: Award for quality and innovation in medicine

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