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UiO researcher new European Editor of a leading medical journal

Professor of medicine Michael Bretthauer of the Clinical Effectiveness Research Group at the University of Oslo will be the first European editor of the prestigious journal Annals of Internal Medicine. This journal is considered one of the leading medical journals, and Bretthauer will help strengthen the journal's focus on European research.

Professor Michael Bretthauer

Professor Michael Bretthauer. Photo: Silje Røysen Salvador

Annals of Internal Medicine (Annals) is regarded as the most prestigious internal medicine journal, and is one of the five most widely cited and influential medical journals in the world (alongside New England Journal of Medicine, JAMA, BMJ and Lancet). Michael Bretthauer is already in place in Boston, USA, from where he will help strengthen the journal's European focus as its first European editor.

"More and more pioneering clinical and translational research is being done in Europe. In particular, large clinical studies using good, complete health registers in Europe (especially Scandinavia) have increased interest in European research," Bretthauer explains.

High academic level

At Annals, Bretthauer will take part in editorial meetings with American editors where manuscripts from Europe are reviewed in detail and evaluated. Annals publishes only the very best research articles – and only a fraction of those submitted. Bretthauer has previously been an editor of the New England Journal of Medicine, Endoscopy and the Journal of the Norwegian Medical Association, but despite his extensive experience, Bretthauer expects the work at Annals to be demanding. 

"Each manuscript submitted to Annals is first considered by two editors. The manuscripts that are accepted at this level are then discussed in depth at the weekly editorial meeting. Between 10 and 15 manuscripts are discussed at each meeting. The editorial meetings can last for many hours, and the discussions are tough, in depth, and at an extremely high level. It is going to be challenging, but also exciting and educational.

The discussions are tough, in depth, and at an extremely high Level.

 Collaboration with European researchers

Annals is owned by the American College of Physicians (ACP), one of the two largest US medical associations. The other is the American Medical Association (AMA), which owns the journal JAMA. Annals has not previously had a European editor, and Bretthauer has signed an agreement for one year, with an option for extension. Bretthauer will be in Boston for two years, where he will also work as head of research at the non-profit company Frontier Science. As an editor of Annals, Bretthauer will work extensively with many European research communities.

"My job is to process manuscripts, primarily from Europe, and to have contact with good European research communities about future articles in Annals. I will also participate actively in the editorial team in Philadelphia, both via video, phone and e-mail and in person. 

Bretthauer and his family moved to Boston in July, and he takes up his post as an editor of Annals in September. 

By Anita Aalby
Published Sep. 1, 2017 9:53 AM - Last modified Mar. 15, 2019 10:34 AM