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Give your career as a researcher a real boost!

You can now enrol in this autumn's round of courses in the postdoctoral programme. The first deadline is 20 July.

Three persons discussing a project.

Illustration: Monica Bring Estensen, UiO

Do you see a future for yourself as a researcher and want to give your career a real boost? Sign up for the next round of courses in the postdoctoral programme.  

The postdoctoral programme

The postdoctoral programme is a career development programme that provides financial support to the faculty’s postdoctoral fellows and other researchers during the establishment phase.

The programme can help tailor your academic career, and prepare you for complex work within and outside academia. This is an offer to employees at UiO and our partners (in Norwegian).

Leadership course 1: Career development

This course focuses on the individual’s situation and career goals, and helps raise awareness of different career options both within and outside of academia. How to make good choices, and how to balance your career and personal life?

Sign up by 20 July 2020.

Leadership course 2: Research management and academic supervision

This course teaches you how to organize your own research work and how to be a good research manager. You learn how to start and head a research group, and about supervising of others.

Sign up by 6 September 2020.

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