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Information for employees at MED

According to the health authorities' updated guidelines, universities can open from 15 June - provided that the infection control rules are followed. Updated July 10, 2020

Read more on UiO's information page about the reopening of the University.

Autumn teaching

Our goal is for the teaching to largely follow the normal timetable. Today's infection control rules with a distance of 1 meter, however, entail restrictions on the use of auditoriums and other teaching rooms. This means, among other things, that teaching in large groups must go via Zoom. Nevertheless, we plan for a lot of small group teaching to take place in person. We give special priority to courses, skills training, clinical small groups and group teaching for students who are at the beginning of their studies. See information about infection control procedures in the teaching of the professional study medicine (in Norwegian).


  • The medical faculty will now gradually reopen for physical presence.

  • The main rule now is that everyone should be in the workplace unless there is a specific reason why you should still be in the home office. In that case, this must be agreed with the immediate manager.

  • All employees must complete infection prevention courses before they meet at work on the first day.

  • Everyone who is to perform work at UiO must know the contents of UiO's infection control supervisor and the risk assessment for their work before they can physically return to the workplace.

Home office

  • Employees who want and manage to work from home can still do so.

  • All use of office locations any rotation arrangements must be clarified with the nearest head office.

  • Even with mild respiratory symptoms and a feeling of illness, employees should not attend their office. They should stay at home until they have been symptom-free for 24 hours.

  • Employees in risk groups or living with people in risk groups should work from home.

  • It is encouraged to walk / cycle and avoid rush hour traffic if you have to travel by public transport.

Home isolation

Employees who have confirmed covid-19 should be in isolation. See practical information on home isolation from the FHI.

Infection protection

  • Hands must be washed:

    • Before leaving home and when returning home.

    • When you come to UiO

    • When you have gone through doors that are not touch-free or pressed buttons in elevators and card readers or the like.

    • After hosting / sneezing and drying of face / nose polish

    • After a toilet visit

    • Before and after meals

    • After lab work or other activities where things are affected

    • With visible dirty hands

    • Alcohol-based disinfection (hand spray) is an option if no hand washing options are available.

  • Meetings must still be held digitally where possible.

  • Groups that work together should not be more than 20 people.

  • Employees should, as far as possible, keep a distance of 1 meter between each other when working in the same room.

  • Efforts should also be made to avoid working at different workplaces on the same day.

    Advise against traveling abroad

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against travel that is not strictly necessary for all countries, with the exception of countries and regions in the Nordic countries (and the EEA / Schengen area from 15 July). The Travel Council is valid until 20 August.

    Do you have lab technical expertise? 

    The testing capacity for coronavirus in the laboratories in South-East Health Authority must be strengthened. You can help by reporting your interest in the web form.

      More about UiO and the corona virus

      For more information about the coronavirus:

      • For health care professionals: +47 21 07 70 00 (office hours), Outside office hours: +47 21 07 63 48. 
      • For the public: +47 815 55 015
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