Persons tagged with «Courses»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Ragnhild Bjørneng Bjørneng, Ragnhild Adviser +47-22850653 Syllabus, Student and Academic Administration, Courses, Web publishing, Student guidance, Coordinating
Picture of Eleonora Brekke Brekke, Eleonora Higher Executive Officer +47-22850562 Admissions, Courses, Examination, Student guidance
Picture of Terese Eriksen Eriksen, Terese Senior Executive Officer +47-22850526 Admissions, Student guidance, Courses, Examination
Picture of Siv Støfring Le Page Le Page, Siv Støfring Student Adviser +47-22844615 Student guidance, Courses, Examination, Admissions
Picture of Lill Kathrine Løvendahl Løvendahl, Lill Kathrine Student Adviser +47-22845392 Student guidance, Examination, Student and Academic Administration, Admissions, Courses
Magnusson, Ola Anders Student Adviser +47-22845046 Admissions, Courses, International Cooperation, Approval/recognition/accreditation, Administration, Student guidance, Joint Degree, Exchange
Picture of Birthe Neset (On leave) Neset (On leave), Birthe Student Adviser Student and Academic Administration, Student guidance, Examination, Courses, Admissions
Picture of Merita Emini Raza Raza, Merita Emini +47-22845045 Admissions, Student guidance, Courses, Examination
Picture of Ingeborg Vibe Vibe, Ingeborg Adviser +47-22845312 Public registry, User administration, User support, ePhorte, Courses, Training
Picture of Synneve Øvsthus Øvsthus, Synneve Adviser +47-22845304 Courses, Organized research training (doctoral programme), Research support
Picture of Louise Kristine Aarnes Aarnes, Louise Kristine Adviser +47-22845303 Web publishing, Courses, Research support