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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Desiree Eide Eide, Desiree Researcher +47 22850692
Picture of Lars Eide Eide, Lars Professor +4793241242 mtDNA, mitochondrial DNA repair, mitochondria
Picture of Per Kristian Eide Eide, Per Kristian Adjunct Professor
Picture of Torunn Bjerve Eide Eide, Torunn Bjerve Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Wenche Barth Eide Eide, Wenche Barth +47 99298949 Nutrition, Mother and child, Nutrition Policy, Governance, Human Rights, Right to adequate food/Right to Health
Eik, Hedda Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Olav Søvik Eken Eken, Olav Søvik Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Torsten Eken Eken, Torsten Adjunct Professor
Picture of Guri Ranum Ekås Ekås, Guri Ranum Lecturer
Picture of Ahmed Ezat Mahmoud Mohamed El Zowalaty El Zowalaty, Ahmed Ezat Mahmoud Mohamed Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Maja Elstad Elstad, Maja Associate Professor +47 22851221 Blood pressure oscillations, Heart vascular and lungs, Cardiovascular reflexes, Cardiovascular control, Blood pressure
Picture of Ragnhild Emblem Emblem, Ragnhild
Picture of Louise Emilsson Emilsson, Louise Associate Professor
Picture of Lars Engebretsen Engebretsen, Lars
Picture of Olav Engebråten Engebråten, Olav Associate Professor
Picture of Rune Enger Enger, Rune Associate Professor +47 22840261
Picture of Anna Marie Ellström Engh Engh, Anna Marie Ellström Adjunct Professor
Picture of Tora Torgersen Engstad Engstad, Tora Torgersen Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Lars Magne Eri Eri, Lars Magne
Picture of Ida Iren Eriksen Eriksen, Ida Iren
Picture of Morten Tandberg Eriksen Eriksen, Morten Tandberg Associate Professor +47 90826625
Picture of Jan Emil Erikssen Erikssen, Jan Emil
Picture of Camila Vicencio Esguerra Esguerra, Camila Vicencio Head of Group +47 22840534 Epilepsy, Genetics, Pharmacology
Picture of Ragnhild Eskeland Eskeland, Ragnhild Associate Professor (+47) 22 85 14 57 Epigenetics, Chromatin, Nuclear organisation, Stem cells
Picture of Anne Eskild Eskild, Anne Adjunct Professor