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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Pawel Borowicz Borowicz, Pawel Postdoctoral Fellow Immunology, T cells, CAR, Receptor, Cell signalling, Molecular biology
Picture of Arne Sigmund Borthne Borthne, Arne Sigmund
Picture of Ida Kristin Bos-Haugen Bos-Haugen, Ida Kristin Lecturer
Picture of Steffan Daniel Bos-Haugen Bos-Haugen, Steffan Daniel Researcher
Picture of Grete Synøve Botten Botten, Grete Synøve
Picture of Jean-Luc Boulland Boulland, Jean-Luc Lecturer
Picture of Turid Birgitte Boye Boye, Turid Birgitte Adjunct Professor +47 22851019
Picture of Stephan Andreas Brackmann Brackmann, Stephan Andreas Associate Professor
Picture of Ragnheidur Bragadottir Bragadottir, Ragnheidur Adjunct Professor
Picture of Line Kildal Bragstad Bragstad, Line Kildal Associate Professor +47 22844621 +47 40200795 Rehabilitation, Stroke, Ageing, Aging, Elderly, Disability, Family caregivers, Patient participation, Occupational therapy
Picture of Christine Lycke Brandt Brandt, Christine Lycke Administrative Manager 97118354
Picture of Karianne Haga Brandtzæg Brandtzæg, Karianne Haga Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Petter Brandtzæg Brandtzæg, Petter
Picture of Sigurd Breder Breder, Sigurd Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Haakon Breien Benestad Breien Benestad, Haakon Professor emeritus +47-22851289 +47-41656640 Blood and immunology, Research ethics, Stem cells
Picture of Harald Petter Breivik Breivik, Harald Petter Professor Emeritus
Picture of Jarle  Breivik Breivik, Jarle Head of Department/Professor +47-22851114 +47-41441985 Cancer, Genetic and epidemiology, Education, Management, Communication, Evolution
Picture of Hilde Kristin Brekke Brekke, Hilde Kristin Professor +47 22851261
Picture of Mette Brekke Brekke, Mette Professor +47 22850604 +47 92832865
Picture of Sophie Emilie Bresson Bresson, Sophie Emilie Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Michael Bretthauer Bretthauer, Michael Professor 90132480 USA, Nordic
Picture of Nolwenn Briand Briand, Nolwenn Researcher and Project Leader
Picture of Kaspar Broch Broch, Kaspar Associate Professor
Picture of Nina Dølvik Brochmann Brochmann, Nina Dølvik Lecturer
Picture of Knut Ørnes Brodahl Brodahl, Knut Ørnes