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Chola, Lumbwe Associate Professor
Picture of Erik Egeland Christensen Christensen, Erik Egeland Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Geir Christensen Christensen, Geir Adjunct Professor
Picture of Jacob Juel Christensen Christensen, Jacob Juel Researcher Nutrition, Clinical nutrition, Biomarkers, Inflammation, Epigenetics, Molecular nutrition, Cardiovascular disease, Mother and child
Picture of Asbjørn Otto Christophersen Christophersen, Asbjørn Otto Researcher
Picture of Bjørn Olaf Christophersen Christophersen, Bjørn Olaf
Picture of Brian K. Chung Chung, Brian K. Researcher
Picture of Gina Susanna Helgerud Clausen Clausen, Gina Susanna Helgerud Senior Adviser +47 22844689 +47 41558885 +47 415 58 885 Research support, Research administration, Cristin, Research ethics
Picture of Ole Petter Fraas Clausen Clausen, Ole Petter Fraas
Picture of Thomas Clausen Clausen, Thomas Professor Nordic, USA
Picture of Dennis Clement Clement, Dennis Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Pedro Miguel Coelho Medeiros Coelho Medeiros, Pedro Miguel Doctoral Research Fellow +47 97332051
Picture of Philippe Collas Collas, Philippe Professor +47 22851066 Stem cells, Biochemistry, Life science
Picture of Silvio Conedera Conedera, Silvio Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Jacob Conradi Conradi, Jacob Research Assistant
Picture of Jukka Corander Corander, Jukka Professor +47 48049047
Picture of Sílvia Coutinho Coutinho, Sílvia Researcher +47 98639859 obesity, Nutrition
Picture of Shereen Cox Née Dawkins Cox Née Dawkins, Shereen Doctoral Research Fellow +478163530255
Picture of Pascale Renée Cyr Cyr, Pascale Renée Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Ana Sofia Da Silva Lapao Da Silva Lapao, Ana Sofia Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Hanne Solveig Dagfinrud Dagfinrud, Hanne Solveig Adjunct Professor
Picture of Shiva Dahal-Koirala Dahal-Koirala, Shiva Researcher
Dahl, Anette Kathinka Doctoral Research Fellow Structural Biology, Autophagy
Picture of Cecilie Dahl Dahl, Cecilie Associate Professor +47 22850630 Epidemiology, quantitative methods, environmental epidemiology, osteoporosis and fractures, microbiota, global public health
Picture of Vegard Dahl Dahl, Vegard