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Staff - Center for Health Sciences Education

The list contains 19 staff members.
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Aagaard, Martin Schjærven Executive Officer
Abdelhafez, Marwa Hafiz Executive Officer
Askheim, Clemet
Baker, Mona Affiliate Professor +447494479645 (mob)
Berg, Henrik
Cameron, Ingrid Caterina Berger Research Technician
Henrichsen, Gina Fraas Forsker +47 22845396 +47 91537461
Hughes, Gemma Lucille Postdoctoral Fellow
Jørgensen, Mathilde Røed Executive Officer
Kleven, Trine Administrative Manager +47 95940114 (mob) Administration, Management, Project management, Coordinating, Recruitment, Communication, Web editor, SHE
Lillehagen, Ida Forsker +47 22845350
Martinsson, Ida
Quamme, Siri Hundstad Executive Officer
Saldanha Viva, Gabriela Forsker
Sandset, Tony Joakim Ananiassen Researcher
Schauber, Stefan Associate Professor +47 22850225
Sharma, Ritika Executive Officer
Wieringa, Cornelis Hermannus Sietse Forsker
Wium, Kristin Senior Adviser +47 22851572 Student and Academic Administration, Quality of education