Veslemøy Ramsfjell

Senior Adviser - Research Support
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Mobile phone +47 47293642
Visiting address Klaus Torgårds vei 3 Sogn Arena 0372 Oslo
Postal address Postboks 1078 Blindern 0316 Oslo

Tasks performed

  • Assistance and advice to researchers, institutes and faculty on EU and other external funding opportunities
  • Advise on proposals frameworks and procedures
  • Contact point for Institute of Clinical Medicine related to external research funding within the EU
  • Administration of the Scientia Fellows Career Developmental Program for postdoctoral fellows: Technical organisation of calls for proposals, evaluation process and selection of fellows, communication and dissemination activities


  • Worked with innovation and wrote a clinical evaluation report for CE marking of a medical device for diabetics, Prediktor Medical
  • Responsible for planning, organizing and routines for conducting clinical studies with an innovative medical device, Prediktor Medical
  • Developed and wrote a research project application for Østfold University College, Consultant
  • Project manager for a three-year EU project, Borg innovasjon/Self-employed
  • Research administration and support, Østfold Hospital Trust
  • Patent translator of patent applications in medicine, chemistry and biotechnology, Self-employed


  • PhD on hematopoietic stem cells, University of Lund, Sweden (1999)
  • Cand.scient. in physiology, University of Oslo (1994)


  • D.Bryder*, V.Ramsfjell*, I.Dybedal, K.Theilgaard-Monch, C.M.Hogerkorp, J.Adolfsson, O.J.Borge, S.E.W.Jacobsen. (* co-authorship) Self-renewal of multipotent long-term repopulating hematopoietic stem cells is negatively regulated by Fas and tumor necrosis factor receptor activation. J Exp Med. 2001 Oct 1;194(7):941-52.

  • V.Ramsfjell and O.J.Borge. Stamceller - til nytte og besvær. Norwegian Biotechnology Advisory Board's journal in Norwegian called GENialt 3/2000.

  • V.Ramsfjell. Doctoral thesis: Hematopoietic stem cells: c-mpl and TNF receptor function. 3 September 1999.

  • V.Ramsfjell, D.Bryder, H.Björgvinsdóttir, S.Kornfält, L.Nilsson, O.J.Borge and S.E.W.Jacobsen. Distinct requirements for optimal growth and in vitro expansion of human CD34+CD38- bone marrow LTC-IC, extended LTC-IC, and murine in vivo long-term reconstituting stem cells. Blood 94: 4093-4102, 1999.

  • L.Cui, V.Ramsfjell, O.J.Borge, O.P.Veiby, S.Lok and S.E.W.Jacobsen. Thrombopoietin promotes adhesion of primitive human hematopoietic cells to fibronectin and VCAM-1: Role of activation of VLA-4 and VLA-5. The Journal of Immunology 159: 1961-1969, 1997.

  • O.J.Borge, V.Ramsfjell, L.Cui, and S.E.W.Jacobsen.  Ability of early acting cytokines to directly promote survival and suppress apoptosis of human primitive CD34+CD38- bone marrow cells with multilineage potential at the single-cell level: Key role of thrombopoietin. Blood 90: 2282-2292, 1997.

  • V.Ramsfjell, O.J.Borge, L.Cui, and S.E.W.Jacobsen. Thrombopoietin directly and potently stimulates multilineage growth and progenitor cell expansion from primitive (CD34+CD38-) human bone marrow progenitor cells: Distinct and key interactions with the ligands for c-kit and flt3, and inhibitory effects of TGF-b and TNF-aThe Journal of Immunology 158: 5169-5177, 1997.

  • V.Ramsfjell, O.J.Borge, O.P.Veiby, J.Cardier, M.J.Murphy Jr., S.D.Lyman, S.Lok, and S.E.W.Jacobsen. Thrombopoietin, but not erythropoietin, directly stimulates multilineage growth of primitive murine bone marrow progenitor cells in synergy with early acting cytokines: Distinct interactions with the ligands for c-kit and FLT3. Blood 88: 4481-4492, 1996.
  • O.J.Borge, V.Ramsfjell, O.P.Veiby, M.J.Murphy Jr., S.Lok, and S.E.W.Jacobsen. Thrombopoietin, but not erythropoietin promotes viability and inhibits apoptosis of multipotent murine hematopoietic progenitor cells in vitro. Blood 88: 2859-2870, 1996.

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