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Persons 301 - 325 of 326
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Ingeborg Helle Vedde Vedde, Ingeborg Helle Senior Executive Officer
Picture of Kristin Vekterud Vekterud, Kristin Head Engineer
Picture of Veronika Vimberg Vimberg, Veronika Adviser +47 22859224 Research support, Research administration, Contracts, External funding, Legal counselling
Picture of Roman Volchenkov Volchenkov, Roman Adviser +47 22851456 Research support
Vujovic, Snezana Popovic Senior Executive Officer +47 22852324
Picture of Jon Ingvar Wedervang Wedervang, Jon Ingvar Senior Engineer +47 22851251 +4792020160 Local IT support, Network, Applications, Printing, E-mail
Picture of Ellen Elisabeth Westgaard Westgaard, Ellen Elisabeth Senior executive officer 67968854 HR-portal, Cristin, Purchasing, IT support for research, Basware
Picture of Lisbeth Hagen Winer Winer, Lisbeth Hagen Administrative Manager +47 23016812
Picture of Ada Winge Winge, Ada Higher Executive Officer +47 22850504 reimbursements and other payments, Salary, advances
Picture of Tor Henry Wold Wold, Tor Henry Section Manager +47 22859212 +47 90762645 IT support
Picture of Kine Yttersian Yttersian, Kine Administrative Manager +47 91166337 HR system, Appointments, Regulations, Recruitment
Picture of Robabeh Shirin Mahmoud Zadeh Zadeh, Robabeh Shirin Mahmoud Higher Executive Officer +47 22845565 Innkjøper, Fakturaer, Basware, Administrasjon
Picture of Yan Zhang Zhang, Yan Senior Engineer +47 23071512
Picture of Andre Øien Øien, Andre Senior Engineer +47 67968844 +47 90580317 Local IT support, IT support for research, Administrative IT services
Picture of Stein Ørn Ørn, Stein Senior Adviser
Picture of Anders Øverbye Øverbye, Anders Senior Adviser +4722781827 Administrative management, Coordinating, Research communication
Picture of Anne Åbyholm-Brodal Åbyholm-Brodal, Anne Senior Executive Officer +47 23066822 +47-23066822/+47-92027661
Picture of Kristin Aaknes Aaknes, Kristin On leave
Aalby, Anita Adviser 40 48 49 49 Research administration, Research communication, Web publishing
Picture of Sven-Christopher Aalvik Aalvik, Sven-Christopher Senior Adviser +47 90 222 301
Picture of Vibeke Årskog Årskog, Vibeke Senior Engineer +47 22840280
Picture of Sander Simensen Aasgård Aasgård, Sander Simensen Apprentice +47 22851201 Local IT support
Picture of Fredrik Aasgaard Aasgaard, Fredrik Apprentice +47 22851215
Picture of Monica Aasrum Aasrum, Monica Senior Engineer +47 22840220
Picture of Sissel Aastorp Aastorp, Sissel Senior Adviser +47 22850514 Regulations, Research support, Budget