Digitalization and e-learning

Screenshot from e-learning portal.

MFO is a national leader in the production of e-learning programs, which allow students and healthcare personnel open access to new knowledge. Screenshot

MFO and HUS have been setting the pace in medical e-learning in Norway for the last couple of decades, and have been instrumental in developing the e-learning portal that has become a joint collaboration between the medical educators in the country.

HUS has conducted research and development on technology-aided learning environments that offer evidence-based adaptive teaching in informal as well as in formal contexts; that is, in higher education as well as in professional practice, in “off-campus” and “on-campus” learning. Technology based learning environments have the potential to bridge the gap between “school” and “profession” by addressing individual learners’ needs. The use of state-of-the-art technology is a necessary prerequisite for moving from a one-size-fits-all instructional approach to a truly personalised, immersive way of continuing education throughout a professional career.

Last autumn, HUS arranged a course for teachers on how to formulate good exam questions, given by internationally renowned David B. Swanson, Vice President, Academic Programs and Services at the American Board of Medical Specialties..

Excellence award

Professor Per Grøttum has been responsible for the digitization of MFO's study programmes. For years, he has been engaged in renewing various aspects of the training with the aid of technology. Through his work, he has ushered in new forms of learning and assessment. In 2016, he received the Olav Thon national award for excellence in education for his work on digital forms of teaching and examination in medical studies at the faculty.

Collaboration with students

The largest e-learning module yet is on orthopedics. it went through heavy revision and expansion in a project lasting three years and recently launched. Three medical students supplied the texts and illustrations for the module, supervised by Professor Lars Engebretsen. News article (in Norwegian)

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