Excellence in current educational programs

Per Grøttum and Olav Thon in the University Aula
Professor Per Grøttum receives the Olav Thon national award for excellence in education. Photo: UiO/Yngve Vogt

The Medical Faculty at the University of Oslo (MFO) is Norway’s oldest medical school (founded 1814) and offers various excellent degree programs. The faculty’s international engagement includes extensive student exchange with several Health Sciences & Medicine Education programs across the globe. Students are tutored and educated by teachers who are internationally recognized in their fields of research. A candidate survey conducted by UiO in 2018 shows that graduates from MFO are highly satisfied with their studies overall.

MFO trains 1200 medical students (MD), 900 Master’s students and 1400 PhD students. The 6-year MD program has the largest number of applicants compared to other Norwegian medical schools. We have a 5-year program in clinical nutrition, one Bachelor’s degree program and three Master’s programs in health economy, management and leadership, in addition to four other Master’s programs. One is the first Norwegian nurse practitioner Master’s program in geriatric care. Two of the programs are in English and draw large numbers of international applicants. All programs at MFO

Our intercalated MD-PhD program (Forskerlinjen) is designed for medical students who aim to pursue a PhD. Our pioneering Postdoctoral Programme prepares young researchers for careers in academia as well as in public and private sector. MFO has a long history of fostering excellence in education, demonstrated by receiving the educational quality award from the Ministry of Knowledge three times, as well as the Thon’s educator price (Per Grøttum) for innovative digitalization.

Published May 8, 2019 8:04 AM - Last modified Oct. 23, 2019 5:23 PM