Centre for Sustainable Healthcare Education (SHE)

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SHE is a Centre for Excellence in Education at the Faculty of Medicine. SHE will educate students to become change agents for the sustainable health care in both the global and local contexts, and will provide them with competencies to make sustainable evidence-based decisions. The application to become a Centre for Excellence in Education was granted 12 December 2019. 

Vision statement: Globally anchored health professionals make sustainable healthcare decisions without compromising future and global needs

The present

The future

Planning for excellence in educational development and innovation.



Kristin Heggen
Kristin Heggen, Director of SHE
Eivind Engebretsen
Eivind Engebretsen
Executive Chairman of Centre Management Board
Ole Petter Ottersen
Ole Petter Ottersen,
Chair of International Advisory Board


We are team SHE

SHE is organised through

  • Management and administration located in Oslo
  • 8 Work Packages 
  • A Centre Executive Team
  • An International Advisory Board


Eivind Engebretsen
Mobile: + 47 924 25 231

Kristin M. Heggen
Mobile: + 47 995 75 450

Administrative Coordinator 
Mobile: +47 959 40 114