Management plan

Management structure

Organizatinal chart for SHE/HUS

The Centre Management Board (CMB) is responsible for the budget, policy and strategy. The Vice-Dean of Postgraduate studies, Eivind Engebretsen chairs the CMB which includes the Pro-Dean for Medical Studies Elin Olaug Rosvold, the Faculty Director Unn-Hilde Grasmo-Wendler, the Education Heads at each institute, two student representatives, a representative from UiO's teaching and learning center LINK and a representative from UiO management.

Prof. Kristin Heggen is the SHE director, accounting for 50% of her workload. A 100% Administrative Coordinator will be appointed. The Work Package (WP) leaders will report to the director and participate in a Centre Executive (CE) team. CE will ensure synergy across the WPs and ensure that WP activities are carried out according to the plan. CE will provide the CMB with monthly progress notes.

An International Advisory Board (IAB) will provide the CMB and CE team with advice & feedback. The Vice-Chancellor at KI, Prof. Ole Petter Ottersen will chair the IAB.

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