ANDA – Advanced NeuroDAta management facility hub

ANDA is a research data management service for neuroscientists who want to share their research data on the EBRAINS platform. 

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    ANDA core facility services

    A key instrument for the planning of data sharing is the formalized Data Management Plan. At the ANDA core facility, we give advice on how to develop a Data Management Plan for data sharing on the EBRAINS platform. Using ANDA ensures that the management and sharing of your research data comply with the FAIR principles, making data Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable.

    Key aspects 

    • How to prepare for data sharing: organizing data and capturing metadata
    • How to sort concepts and define roles and responsibilities of research staff 
    • How to use EBRAINS recommended metadata standards
    • How to use EBRAINS curation services
    • How to publish data and create data collections on EBRAINS
    • How to prepare for use of EBRAINS services for data analysis

    The core facility services are open to all neuroscientist aiming to share their data through the EBRAINS platform. The scientists using ANDA can be from around the world and from all fields of neuroscience, ranging from in vitro studies to human brain research. 

    The EBRAINS platform

    EBRAINS is a research infrastructure for brain and brain-inspired research. The EBRAINS Data and Knowledge services makes it easy for the broader neuroscience community to share and publish data and models, and to find and use heterogeneous data, models, and related software relevant for a broad range of research fields in basic and clinical neuroscience. The services also meet the needs of researchers who are aiming to publish data accompanying peer-reviewed journal articles.

    The infrastructure offers solutions to researchers wanting to share their data using new technologies that will make their research more productive and competitive and to researchers that need to answer to funders, agencies, and stakeholders that have instituted requirements for sharing of research data.

    More information on EBRAINS can be found on the project's web pages:


    You can request ANDA support by filling in this request form


    For general questions about the EBRAINS Data and Knowledge services, please contact

    Visiting address at UiO

    Norwegian Neuroinformatics Node
    Institute of Basic Medical Sciences
    Domus Medica
    Sognsvannsveien 9
    0372 Oslo

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