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Norwegian Sequencing Centre (NSC)

We are a core facility offering services in DNA sequencing.

Molecular model of DNA helix

Illustration: Colourbox


We offer sequencing services on the HiSeq X, 4000, 3000, 2500, NextSeq 500 and MiSeq instruments from Illumina and the PacBio RS II from Pacific Biosciences.


We are a national technology core facility. NSC is a consolidation of the sequencing platforms at the Department of Medical Genetics (DMG) Oslo University Hospital And University Of Oslo (UiO) and Centre for Ecological and Evolutionary Synthesis (CEES), University of Oslo (UiO).

Our two partners have complementary strengths and research interests. We are therefore well positioned to provide the full-range of sequencing services in the wide variety of possible high-throughput sequencing applications.

More information

More information can be found on the NSC web pages.

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