Anniversary Seminars: Clinical immunology

A well functioning immune system is critical for maintaining health. Insight into the mechanisms of how the immune system work can be harnessed for improved treatment of diseases including cancer.

Drawing of two cells

T cell activation, a central event in immune responses. Illustration: Elin Lunde.



12.30-12.55: Gary Koretzky: Clinical implication of T cell signalling

13.00-13.25: John White: Sunshine boosts immunity. Vitamin D and beyond

13.30-13.45: Asbjørn Christophersen: HLA tetramers to understand and diagnose celiac disease

13.50-14.05: Espen Bækkevold: Novel concepts to investigate immunopathology in organ rejection

14.10-14.25: Johanna Olweus: T-cell based immunotherapy - the new bullets in cancer treatment?

14.25-14.30: Discussion


Professor Anne Spurkland and professor Ludvig Sollid.


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