Anniversary Seminars: Medical history and ethics

Anniversary seminar on research ethics past and present. Seminar language is Norwegian.

Old photo of hospital ward

The children’s ward at Ullevål Hospital. Picture used in the municipal report 1887-1911. (Photo: A. B. Wilse)

Medical research is essential for generating new knowledge that benefits the majority. However, history is full of examples of individuals who may suffer in the course of such research.

The boundary of what is ethically acceptable was and still is a topic for debate. In this anniversary seminar we focus on these boundary lines ‒ past and present.

Seminar language is Norwegian.



9.30-10.15: Fredrik Svenaeus: Contemporary medical diagnoses. (Student lecture ‒ only this is timetabled.)


10.30-12.00: Seminar: Research ethics past and present.

  • Isabelle Budin Ljøsne: Personalized medicine, “personalized” research ethics?
  • Christoph Gradmann: Experimental therapy. Ethics, science and African trypanosomiasis in early 20th century medicine.
  • Lisbeth Thoresen: “Grey areas” in research ethics at hospices and nursing homes.
  • Jan Helge Solbakk: “Lost in delusion ‒ the Helsinki Declaration past and present”.
  • Anne Kveim Lie: Norwegian syphilis research. From syphilization to the Oslo Study of Untreated Syphilis.


This seminar is included in the lecture plan for Master’s students of Health Sciences.

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