Anniversary Seminars: Post traumatic stress

Children exposed to trauma: Behavior and health implications, effective health care outreach and possible personal growth.

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Photo: Pekka Stokke

The seminar focuses on three major questions in the field of child trauma:

  1. How toxic is child trauma to child development and health?
  2. How can health services reduce ill-health after trauma?
  3. Is there something like a positive legacy of trauma?


  • Associate professor Grete Dyb, UiO
  • Researcher Gertrud Sofie Hafstad, Norwegian Centre for 
    Violence and Traumatic Stress Studies, NKVTS
  • Professor Robert Pynoos, David Geffen School of Medicine, USA

Professor Robert Pynoos presents current knowledge in the child traumatic stress field and will focus specifically on how these events may shape children’s development and health through a lifespan.

Associate professor Grete Dyb takes us back to 22.7 in 2011 and presents survivors’ need of support and their experiences with early outreach.

Senior researcher Gertrud Hafstad takes a different perspective and present possible positive outcomes of traumatic events.


12.30-13.15: Robert Pynoos: The Centrality of Life Experiences: Behavioral & Health Implications of Child Traumatic Stress.

13.15-13.30: Questions/comments.

13.30-13.55: Grete Dyb: How to respond to the unexpected -  helping children and youth after terror.

13.55-14.00: Questions/comments.

14.00-14.25: Gertrud Sofie Hafstad: Is finding something good in the bad always good? Children's vulnerability and personal growth after trauma.

14.25-14.30: Questions/comments.


Grete Dyb

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