Anniversary Seminars: Sports medicine

Modern sports medicine in 120 minutes ‒ a seminar covering everything from severe acute knee injuries to overstrain in elite-level athletes. From exercise used as therapy for severe cartilage injuries to exercise as a means of reducing our major disease groups.

Young footballer writhing in apparent pain

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The seminar aims to show the current breadth of sports medicine in Norway, a world leader in several fields.

The lecturers, who are both Norwegian and international, are active researchers and clinicians and will present the latest research in their field.


  • Stipendiat Bent Clarsen, Norwegian School of Sports Science.
  • Professor Ulf Eklund, Norwegian School of Sports Science.
  • Professor Lars Engebretsen, UiO
  • Professor May Arna Risberg, Norwegian School of Sports Science.


15.00-15.25: Professor Lars Engebretsen: Serious knee injuries: gold medal or retirement?

15.30-15.55: Stipendiat Bent Clarsen: The most usual is still the most usual- overuse issues in top athletes

16.00-16.25: Professor May Arna Risberg: Exercise is Medicine: Acute or overuse- prehab and rehab may fix your cartilage and eraly osteoarthritis

16.30-16.55: Professor Ulf Ekelund: The role of physical activity and exercise for preventing non-communicable diseases

16.55-17.00: Questions/discussion


Professor Lars Engebretsen

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