Anniversary Seminars: Venous thrombosis

- New achievements. New challenges. This seminar covers recent important achievements in the understanding of disease and treatment of venous thrombosis.

Blood plates (illustration)

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Venous thrombosis annually hits more than 6000 Norwegians. It is a major thrombotic disease that is sometimes fatal and often associated with long-term disability.

Great advances

Recent years have seen great advances with regards to risk factors and treatment. These represent a paradigm shift in our understanding and treatment of venous thrombosis.

Seminar topics

Professor Sam Schulman from Hamilton, Canada, will present data on novel treatment of venous thrombosis, Associate Professor Anders Dahm will present novel data on clinical and genetic risk factors of venous thrombosis, Professor Geir Tjønnfjord will talk about venous thrombosis in unusual locations and Professor Per Morten Sandset will talk about the interface between hemostasis and cancer development.



15.00-15.30: Sam Schulman: A paradigm shift in the treatment of venous thrombosis

15.40-16.00: Anders Dahm: Risk factors and role of thrombophilia

16.05-16.25: Geir Tjønnfjord: Venous thrombosis in unusual locations

16.30-16.55: Per Morten Sandset: What is the role of hemostasis in cancer?

16.55-17.00: Discussion


Geir Tjønnfjord and Per Morten Sandset

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