Honorary Doctorate lectures 2014: Women & Education

Join us as new recipients of UiO's honorary doctorate Paul Farmer, Address Malata and Hans Rosling lecture on "Women & Education, a key in global health". Watch the video from the event here.

Paul Farmer, Address Malata, Hans Rosling and Aud Jebsen are among the recipients of University of Oslo's Honorary Doctorate in 2014.

The former three will be lecturing under the headline "Women & Education, a key in global health" together with other distinguished guests.

Honorary doctor Aud Jebsen of Stiftelsen Kristian Gerhard Jebsen will also be present during the guest lectures.

Did you miss the seminar?

Watch the video from the event.


Welcome address

Jeanette H. Magnus
Head of Institute of Health and Society, UiO

Global Health

Lecturer to be announced
The Norwegian Government

Hans Rosling
Hans Rosling will speak about Women's Education and Global Health: What data will tell us. Photo: Wikipedia Commons

Women’s Education and Global Health: What Data Tell Us

Women in Leadership: Advancing Global Health Hans Rosling
Professor of International Health, Karolinska Institute, Director of the Gapminder Foundation, Sweden

Address Malata
Professor of Nursing Science, Principal of the Kamuzu College of Nursing, University of Malawi

Reimagining Global Health: The Importance of Gender Equity

Paul Farmer
Professor and Chair of the Department of Global Health and Social Medicine, Harvard Medical School, Chief of the Division of Global Health Equity at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, USA

Woman to Woman: An Old Norwegian Model Advancing Entrepreneurship in Ethiopia

Anne-Karin Nygård
Norwegian Women Public health association


Sarthak Das
Clinton Health Access Initiative, Regional Director for South Asia and Ukraine and Country Director for Papua New Guinea

Closing remarks

Jeanette H. Magnus

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