Nordforsk - Personalised Medicine

Nordforsk have now officially published their call on Nordic projects implementing personalised medicine in health care. Deadline: September 4, 2018.

This call is in collaboration with The Icelandic Centre for Research (RANNÍS), Innovaatiorahoituskeskus Business Finland, Innovation Fund Denmark, the Research Council of Norway and the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems (VINNOVA) and Nordforsk.


The scope of the call focuses on three challenges related to implementation. One or more may be addressed.

  • Data: Knowledge and value generation, based on use of cross-Nordic omics and health care data, for PM purposes, leading to new PM hypotheses to e.g. be tested in the clinic, and for supporting development of best data practices (access, quality and harmonisation) across the Nordic countries.

  • Clinical/regulatory: Development and implementation of solutions to overcome clinical and regulatory challenges related to PM.

  • Health economics: Research and development of health economics models that are useful in a PM setting.


The following applicants from the Nordic countries can apply for funding (the Nordic countries are defined here as Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden):

  • Research organisations including academic research and research institutes
  • Public organisations including hospitals, regulatory agencies, municipalities etc.
  • Small-, medium- and large private enterprises
  • Patient organisations

The consortium must consist of either three co-funding Nordic countries, or two Nordic countries and one third country. The project leader must be based in one of the co-funding countries.


Available (expected): 1-3 Million EUR
Duration: 4 years
Total: 14,9 million EUR.

Up to 7, 5 million NOK is available for projects with one Norwegian partner and up  to 10 million NOK for projects with two Norwegian partners. In total 30 million NOK is available for Norwegian contributions.

Nordforsk will administer the call and individual members of funded consortia will be funded by national funding agencies.

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This article has been updated due to changes in the call and at NFR.

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