Collaboration projects with NIH

BEDREHELSE and BEHANDLING have published funding for collaboration projects with National Institutes of Health (in USA). Deadline: October 10th, 2018.

The programs support collaboration projects with NIH - National Institutes of Health (USA) within thematic priorities of BEDREHELSE and BEHANDLING.

Collaboration with NIH

The programs aim to stimulate research cooperation between Norway and USA within preventive health, etiology, clinical intervention- and treatment research.

Researchers at Norwegian research organisations may apply for an advance guarantee for the funding of Norwegian activities included in eligible R01 NIH applications that engage both NIH funded and Norwegian institutions and that are deemed eligible for funding by the NIH.


All investigators at Norwegian research institutions are eligible applicants for this scheme. To apply for an advance guarantee, interested and eligible researchers should submit to the RCN a request for such a guarantee with a project description (see below) and with the mandatory attachments listed in the online RCN call.


Available per project: 5- 7 million NOK
Available in total 70 million NOK

Link to call

Support for collaboration with NIH

NIH Research Project Grant Program (R01)

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