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The new research program between EEA (Norway, Iceland, Lichtenstein) and the Baltic states (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) has now been published. In 2018  the proposals needs to be submitted by Estonian institutions. Norwegian institutions may be partners. Deadline: January 31st, 2019.

Baltic Research Program

The Baltic Research Programme is funded by  Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein for 2014–2021. The programme will fund collaborative research projects between the three Baltic states and the donor countries.

To select the research projects, three open calls will be foreseen: one in Estonia, another in Latvia (2019) and third one in Lithuania (2019/2020).

2018 - Estonian Call

Proposals for collaborative research projects are invited in all areas of fundamental and applied sciences.

In 2018 priority is being given to six specific challenges to the applications addressing these challenges in the Baltic region. One of the challenges includes the topics public health, translational medicine and health technologies.


Proposals will be submitted by the Estonian institutions. Cooperation with at least one research team from Latvia and/or Lithuania and Norway, Iceland and/or Liechtenstein (donor countries) is mandatory.

Eligible applicants are research and development institutions with their individual research groups/teams.


Total budget: 6 million EUR
Available per proposal: 300 000-800 000 EUR
Available per proposal if all Baltic States are participating: 1 million EUR
Duration: 36-48 months


Baltic Research program

2018 - Estonian call

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