Aligning Science Across Parkinson's

The Michael J. Fox Foundation and ASAP has announced a call for proposals that focus on Circuitry and Brain-body Interactions of Parkinson's disease. Deadline pre-proposals: December 11, 2021.

About the call

The ASAP Collaborative Research Network seeks to support multidisciplinary, multi-institutional research teams to address key knowledge gaps in the basic mechanisms that contribute to Parkinson’s development and progression

Applications that focus primarily on Circuitry and Brain-body Interactions, inclusive of genetic and neuro-immune contributors to disease, will be considered.

This research network intends to establish teams comprising the best researcher expertise to address key knowledge gaps, regardless of their geographical location or institutional affiliation.


  • Non-US organizations are eligible
  • Each team must consist of 3-5 PIs
  • The team must consist of 2-5 participating institutions
  • Core PIs are required to allocate 25 % effort to the project 


  • Total cost up to $ 9 million USD over three years per research team
  • Maximum 15 % indirect costs (overhead) included in total costs


A webinar is scheduled for October 28 at 12. p.m. US Eastern Time

Application process and how to apply

Pre-proposals are due December 11, 2020. Full proposals by invitation only. Please refer to the call for additional information.

Published Oct. 23, 2020 10:16 AM - Last modified Oct. 23, 2020 1:16 PM