Research Centre for Clinical Treatment

Research centre for clinical treatment is a large-scale funding scheme to support clinical research to improve the treatment of patients. Deadline for sketch: January 6, 2021. Deadline for full proposal, May 12, 2021.

About the call

RCN intends to support the establishment of 2-3 research centres. The application process constitutes the submission of a mandatory sketch by January 6 in order to be allowed submission of a full proposal by May 12. The call and funding scheme has many similarities to Centres of Excellence, however, this centre is focused on clinical research that will benefit patient treatments and outcomes. 

The primary research tasks for this centre is to carry out clinical studies, including drug assessment studies, studies on medical equipment, surgical procedures, e-health and other intervention and treatment modalities. The research shall be within the definition of research on clinical treatment.

The call is thematically open within the confines given above.


  • Norwegian research organisations with access to patients, in committal collaboration with relevant actors
  • The centre must have user-partners, e.g. industry, NGOs and public offices
  • Patients and/or patient organisations should be involved as users


  • Up to NOK 160 million pr project, over 8 years.
  • Substantial own financial contribution expected

Funding for the three last years is contingent on a positive mid-term review of the project. 

How to apply

Please visit the RCN website for further information on the call. Calls are currently preliminary and only in Norwegian.

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