ERA-Net call - Transnational Projects on Neurodevelopmental Disorders

The "Network of European Funding for Neuroscience Research" (NEURON) has an open call for research projects adressing the neurodevelopmental nature of neurological and mental disorders. Deadline is on 9 March 2021.

The aim of the call is to facilitate multinational, collaborative research projects addressing important translational questions related to the neurodevelopmental nature of neurological and mental disorders. 

The call is limited to disorders, which show their first manifestations before the end of adolescence and impair the development and the function of the nervous system. Research on the continuation or progression of those symptoms with a lifetime perspective is allowed if addressing the consequences of disorders starting before adolescence.

Research areas may cover a broad range of aspects associated with neurodevelopmental disorder:

Genetics, epigenetics, molecular mechanism of disease, neural circuits implicated in the pathophysiology, the relevance of prenatal and environmental factors including ‘in utero’ environment, the role of non-neuronal cells, resilience factors, or the development of treatments or diagnostic approaches specific for the developing nervous system or paediatric populations, including digital health innovations as well as other cross-sectional aspects of these diseases.

The call will accept research proposals ranging from understanding basic mechanisms of neurodevelopmental disorders through proof-of-concept clinical studies in humans.

Who can apply

Each consortium must be comprised of a minimum of three research partners eligible for funding by organisations listed in the call text. The eligible research partner must be from at least three different participating countries. The total number of research partners in a consortium is limited to five, including partners participating with their own expenses. No more than two consortium partners can be from the same country.

It is strongly recommended to read carefully the country specific information regarding eligibility and funding and to contact the  Research Council of Norway's contact person before applying.

Available funding

Funding for Norwegian partners comes from the Research Council of Norway. Norwegian partners may apply for 0.2-0.3 Mio € for a three-year project. If project coordinator, the maximum amount is 0.4 Mio € for a three year project. Eligible costs are payroll expenses,
procurement of R&D services, consumables and network measures. PhD-students are not funded.


The deadline for submitting the pre-proposals: 9 March 2021, 14:00 CET.

For more information please go to the link of the call here

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