EEA Grants

There are several open calls within the EEA-grants funding scheme. Some health-related calls are highlighted below.  Deadline: Various deadlines.

EEA grants

EEA grants are funded by Norway, Liechtenstein, and Iceland to strengthen relations and collaboration between the funding countries (donor states) and 15 beneficiary countries in Europe. Each beneficiary country manages and publishes calls within a variety of topics and thematic areas.

Calls do also differ in nature, with some calls being research projects, whereas other calls focus on knowledge transfer and networking. Some calls may also address the needs of a more practical nature, e.g. enhancing infrastructure, implementation of systems, or addressing concrete challenges and issues in the beneficiary country.  

Link to all calls are published on the EEA-Grants homepage, but proposals have to be submitted to the respective funding agencies of the beneficiary countries.

Norwegian research organisations can only be partners in these projects. 


  • Eligible applicants (Project Promoters) are research organisations established in the beneficiary countries that have partners in one or more of the funding countries, e.g. Norway.
  • Further information concerning eligibility should be checked in the specific call texts.

Available funding

Grant size varies between the calls

Proposal Submission

Proposals are submitted through the websites, or portals, of the respective funding agencies administrating the calls. Project promoters submit the proposals, and Norwegian research institutions can be partners to the project. 


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