EU4Health – second round of calls for proposals

The EU4Health programme recently published 13 calls for actions addressing among other cancer, healty lifestyle promotion, HPV vaccines, mental health during COVID-19 and more. Deadline is 25 January 2022.

What is EU4Health?

EU4Health is an ambitious and dedicated funding programme from the European Commission for 2021-2027 aiming at building resilient health systems in the EU. EU4Health will work in synergy with and in a manner that complements other Union policies, programmes and funds.

While Horizon Europe will focus on creating new knowledge, the EU4Health programme will focus on making the best possible use of this new knowledge for the benefit of citizens and health systems.

EU4Health has 4 overarching goals:

  • Improve and foster health in the Union
  • Protect people in the Union from from serious cross-border threats to health
  • Improve medicinal products, medical devices and crisis relevant products
  • Strengthen health systems

The 2021 EU4Health Work Programme focuses on crisis preparedness, disease prevention, stronger health systems and healthcare workforce and digital, with cancer as a cross-cutting priority.

Funding spans from around 1 mill euro to 7 mill euro per project.

Read the 2021 Work programme here.

Calls for proposals with deadline 25 January 2022
Title Link to call
Action grants for developing a pilot project for an EU infrastructure ecosystem for the secondary use of health data for research, policy-making and regulatory purposes  EU4H-2021-PJ-06
Action grants to support implementation of best practices on the ground with direct impact on the effort to tackle mental health challenges during COVID-19 EU4H-2021-PJ-07
Action grants to support actions to improve access to human papillomavirus vaccination EU4H-2021-PJ-08
Action grants for the initiative ‘HealthyLifestyle4All’: promotion of healthy lifestyles EU4H-2021-PJ-09
Action grants to reduce liver and gastric cancers caused by infections EU4H-2021-PJ-10
Action grants for ‘EU Cancer Treatment Capacity and Capability Mapping’ project - Network of Comprehensive Cancer Centres EU4H-2021-PJ-11
Action grants to create a ‘Cancer Survivor Smart Card’ EU4H-2021-PJ-12
Action grants to support the implementation of best practices in community-based services for the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), tuberculosis, viral hepatitis and sexually transmitted infections EU4H-2021-PJ-13
Action grants supporting training activities, implementation, and best practices – EU One Health Action Plan against antimicrobial resistance EU4H-2021-PJ-14
Action grants for ‘Cancer Diagnostic for Public Health’ EU4H-2021-PJ-15

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