HBP: Use of E-Infrastructure Resources

The Human Brain Project (HBP) has opened a call for access to compute and storage resources of Fenix.  Deadline: Rolling applications.

The HBP is building a world-class research platform for brain research EBRAINS. Within the HBP, the Interactive Computing E-Infrastructure (ICEI) project is building the Fenix computing infrastructure. It includes a distributed set of e-infrastructure services that are being federated within a single authentication and authorisation as well as user and resource management domain. The services encompass scalable compute, interactive compute and virtual machine services as well as active and archival data repositories, which can be combined according to user needs. 25% of the available ICEI resources are being made available through HBP. For an overview of the available resources see: https://fenix-ri.eu/infrastructure/resources/available-resources.

Neuroscientists are invited to submit project proposals for using these resources. Applicants may be researchers of the HBP core project, of its Partnering Projects, EBRAINS services providers or other researchers and groups if they contribute to research topics and main objectives of the HBP, in particular:

●    Analysis of brain data leading to understanding brain function
●    Building multi-scale scaffold theory and models for the brain
●    Simulation of brain function
●    Brain-inspired computing, data analytics and robotics

How to Apply

For more information, application documents, and How to Apply, please visit the HBP Call Website here

Published Feb. 21, 2022 1:15 PM - Last modified Feb. 21, 2022 1:15 PM